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    About Us

    Zhengzhou Meitong Pharmatech Co., Ltd. is a leading domestic medicine, biotechnology and cosmetics, health products research and development outsourcing services entities, and a number of domestic and foreign universities and research institutions have close relations of cooperation, as a home to innovation as the core, to study led by Ren, take the customer as the center of the entity. Zhengzhou Meitong pharmaceutical adhering to the "green science and technology, human services," the value of view, maintaining a professional, focused style, dedicated to providing services for chemical and biological pharmaceutical, fine chemical, food industry, modern agriculture, electronic, chemical, petrochemical, textile, life science, environmental protection and disease control, new energy, new materials and other fields!

    Zhengzhou Meitong based on strong technical strength, has successfully created a complete facilities, advanced technology research and development services platform, one-stop service professional, personalized, and provide a variety of technical products and services for the world's major technology and industrial customers, active in a creative talent team of professionals Zhengzhou Meitong pharmaceutical science and technology, every day, new technology, new products, Zhengzhou Meitong medical science and technology is committed to high pure organic reagents, inorganic reagents, biochemical reagents, analytical reagent, standard production and sale of products, metal organic catalyst, pharmaceutical intermediates, and ultra fine materials, with high speed small batch, many varieties of raw materials, meet the test needs, and scale production.

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